Know thy SDK

Why One of the biggest problems I see in junior engineers is the fact that they don’t invest enough time in reading and exploring the SDK documentation for whatever library/framework/OS they are using. I was in the same boat when I started my career, and the main reason I was not doing this is that … Read more

I am not paid to care, the loyalty trap 

With these recent layoffs at Twitter, and the expectation from engineers to stay over the weekend to finish an “important” feature, I see a lot of engineers are not familiar with the main concepts of capitalism. If you are an employee, you are disposable, end of the story. I am not saying it’s a bad … Read more

Assume it is not related

Why The brain is a prediction and pattern-matching machine. The upside to this is that we can quickly identify patterns amidst loads of information, the bad part is that we tend to assume things are related and part of a pattern but not necessarily so. Train yourself to assume things are not related and build … Read more

The opportunity cost of 5 minutes 

What?  What is an opportunity cost? It’s a concept from economics where you have to think about what are you doing right now and try to identify another opportunity you could pursue that would give you a better return on investment. It can apply to money, time, satisfaction, and any resource. It’s an incredibly useful … Read more

The 50/50 split

Consumption vs Creation I did a tweet about this and I think this deserves a full article. I am a big fan of looking at the world as a series of games, hundreds of them, running simultaneously. Success in life is mostly a process of discovering what games we are in, and what are the … Read more