Courage is what we need

Courage  We might associate courage with war and some extreme circumstances but actually, we need courage daily to counteract the power of fear. Fear is a very useful tool, but left unchecked can wreak havoc in our lives.  I would argue that the main thing we need to progress and push ourselves forward is courage. … Read more

Two simple steps for productivity

1. A Capture system is separate from the execution Everything that needs to be done should be kept in a to-do list and every new task should go into that to-do list. Having a good capture system is crucial, this will free our brain resources and allow the brain to focus on the new and … Read more

The three questions

It is well known fact that if we ask more questions we can learn something more deeply than by just trying to memorize some facts. I recently came across three questions from Jim Kwik that might just be the only questions you need to ask while learning something new. (I slightly modified them to something that … Read more

How to deal with distractions

Tracking is key When Peter Drucker said what gets measured gets managed he was absolutely right. The reason I think this works so well is that we should not rely on our memory to track how much we spent on superfluous tasks. We will never have an accurate representation, but when we write down what … Read more

What is your bottleneck?

Progress at all costs We all want progress in our lives, we want to be on the next level in our professions, skills, and business deals, but we rarely talk about what is holding us back. What is our main bottleneck in reaching the next level? Let’s explore the idea of a bottleneck and what … Read more

All you have to do is be 1% better

That’s all we need to do in life, just be 1% better and the 1% can compound into amazing things in the next couple of decades. The 1% better can take many different forms, one of them is just showing up.  Time scales, iteration, and speed There are different time scales we can discuss here, … Read more

Think in terms of a range 

Dollar vs Bitcoin A recent bet by Balaji on the dollar going into hyperinflation is a classic example of binary thinking. In fact, lots of Balaji’s thinking is binary, Bitcoin will take over the dollar and will become the currency. But I think we underestimate how much people would still prefer the matrix over the … Read more