Think in terms of a range 

Dollar vs Bitcoin A recent bet by Balaji on the dollar going into hyperinflation is a classic example of binary thinking. In fact, lots of Balaji’s thinking is binary, Bitcoin will take over the dollar and will become the currency. But I think we underestimate how much people would still prefer the matrix over the … Read more

On slowness 

I am toying around the idea of slowing down on purpose, taking time to not rush things but to do them slowly, to tell the brain, hey I am not in a rush, I want to do it slowly, I am not eager to rush on to the next thing. Whatever I can do by … Read more

Bullet Journal

I always sucked at to-do lists, I always had an issue with procrastinating on chores, obligations, etc. While I was listening to some podcasts someone mentioned bullet journal and I thought, well could this be the one thing that will work for me? And I am simply impressed by how simple it is but also, … Read more

Free ChatGPT5 for everyone

Journaling? I’ll spoil the secrete right now, it’s called Journaling. The best thing you can do for yourself is to journal. It will not only perform better then ChatGPT 5, it can really give you solutions to problems that are unique to your own situation. When you journal you are actually sending prompts to your … Read more

Know thy SDK

Why One of the biggest problems I see in junior engineers is the fact that they don’t invest enough time in reading and exploring the SDK documentation for whatever library/framework/OS they are using. I was in the same boat when I started my career, and the main reason I was not doing this is that … Read more

I am not paid to care, the loyalty trap 

With these recent layoffs at Twitter, and the expectation from engineers to stay over the weekend to finish an “important” feature, I see a lot of engineers are not familiar with the main concepts of capitalism. If you are an employee, you are disposable, end of the story. I am not saying it’s a bad … Read more

Assume it is not related

Why The brain is a prediction and pattern-matching machine. The upside to this is that we can quickly identify patterns amidst loads of information, the bad part is that we tend to assume things are related and part of a pattern but not necessarily so. Train yourself to assume things are not related and build … Read more