The 2-minute rule and reading books

Compounding effect and ROI (return on investment)

The best bet you can make in investing is to take advantage of the compound effect, which essentially means, how can I stay consistent and in the game for a long time? Whatever can give us consistency, even in small/modest amounts, will be massive after compounding occurs. And this is the least understood idea by the majority of productivity enthusiasts. it is not about how hard you work, or how much effort you put in. If you are not consistent, even 80-hour weeks will not matter in 10 years if you can’t keep them up, and you can’t keep 80-hour weeks because eventually, you will burn out. What matters is whether you can work on something for 10 years, regardless of the amount you put in daily. Most of the ROI (return on investment) happens at the end anyway.

Reading books has the best ROI

Reading books is the foundation of everything in life and it has the best potential ROI (return on investment) because in books you can find ideas and strategies that took other people a lifetime to figure out. I don’t think anything comes even close to reading books in terms of return on investment. All problems in life can be solved with more information and better ideas, books are worth their weight in gold.

To prove that, let’s make a thought experiment, how much money would you pay, or how many years of your life would like to not waste, to become confident, successful, content, and happy? I am pretty sure everyone will give everything they have to achieve that, and books can give you that given enough time.

Journaling is the second-best ROI

Reading books is the first step, taking action, and figuring out a path towards the desired outcome is the second step. Nothing helps with taking action than journaling. In this DNA age, where information and knowledge are free, the biggest next barrier is execution. Taking time to figure out how you want to schedule and execute your goals is where all the magic happens. If we don’t write down our plans, examine what is holding us back, and apply lessons learned to move forward it will be very difficult to achieve those goals. Journaling can help all of the above, it is eerie how creating and energizing a single journaling session can be.

Now, with these two activities in mind, scheduling a time for both every day is a simple recipe for success.

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