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Year 2020 – a review

So my goals for 2020 were pretty ambitious:

  1. Turn this blog into a quick reference site for Algorithms and Data structures (for my self and others)
    • Solve selected exercises from Elements of programming interviews book (Table 1.2 from the book)
    • Solve selected exercises from Data structures and algorithms made easy book
    • Due date: June 30
  2. Read Pragmatic programmer
    • Read all chapters and implement all exercises
    • Due date: March 30
  3. Read Deep work
    • Construct a work environment where deep work is easy and the only option
    • Due date: April 30
  4. Read clean architecture
    • Read all chapters and implement all exercises
    • Due date: April 30
  5. Port my Green to work app for iOS
    • Due date: November 30
  6. Read the War of art
    • Due date: May
  7. Publish 12 new articles, tech related:
    • Due date: December

So, what did I manage to accomplish? I did manage to read all the books and write 5 blog posts. So now that I am planning some goals for 2021 I wanna try and hit off the rest of the goals from 2020, which means at least 7 technical articles, and rewriting my green to work app to iOS. But instead of porting it to iOS I’ll focus on learning jetpack compose and rewrite it in compose.

I did not plan on starting a podcast in 2020, which I did. It’s called Hyperthread and it’s a tech podcast where I discuss various topics with my colleague Amel. After a couple of episodes it was clear that we are big Apple and Elon Musk fan boys :D. So, my plan for 2021 is pretty simple:

  • Publish 12 articles on my blog
  • Publish 12 podcasts
  • Rewrite green2work in jetpack compose and release it as an open source app
  • Read books on two topics: psychology and negotiation
  • Explore the world of espresso coffee
  • Attend Droidcon berlin

I am also playing around with an idea to have routines established for a typical work day, where I define my morning, work, evening routine. In general terms I wanna dedicate my morning routine to priming myself for the day, work routine should be focused on deep work, and evening routine is about unplugging and doing some analog activities. So thats what I’ll also work on during this year. Here is a break down of each routine


  • Wake up, workout for 10 minutes
  • Read couple of pages from kindle
  • Journal for couple of minutes


  • No browsing
  • Work in pomodoro sessions


  • Turn off my laptop 
  • Hide my phone away
  • Relax with light reading and journaling

Let’s go!