My goals for 2019

I am a bit late to the party, as you all know, new year resolutions were due January 1, yet here I am writing about my goals for 2019 now :). But it’s never too late. Lets start by listing my goals, sorted by priority:

  1. Turn this blog into a quick reference site for Algorithms and Data structures (for my self and others)
    • Solve selected exercises from Elements of programming interviews book (Table 1.2 from the book)
    • Solve selected exercises from Data structures and algorithms made easy book
    • Due date: June 30
  2. Read Pragmatic programmer
    • Read all chapters and implement all exercises
    • Due date: March 30
  3. Read Deep work
    • Construct a work environment where deep work is easy and the only option
    • Due date: April 30
  4. Read clean architecture
    • Read all chapters and implement all exercises
    • Due date: April 30
  5. Port my Green to work app for iOS
    • Due date: November 30
  6. Read the War of art
    • Due date: May
  7. Publish 12 new articles, tech related:
    • Due date: December

The basic idea behind these goals is to focus on areas where I think I can do better, so the number one goals is to focus on algorithms and data structures. After that I will shift my focus to improving my general software engineering skills: clean architecture and project delivery. Some dates are overlapping, and that is because I like to work on two projects simultaneously. Sometimes I get bored with the main project and I allow my self to be ‘distracted’ by a different project. I will do my best to finish them before the end of the year, by that time my priorities will shift, so I will definitely add something to the list by the end of the year (I hope).